Filtration Nonwoven with TTA Anti-Virus/Anti-Viral
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Filtration Nonwoven with TTA Anti-Virus / Anti-Viral

Certified with ISO18184 against H1N1 virus.
Product Features
What is TTA?
 TTA nano-compound material forms a high-performance shield around materials
 Activate to form highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that suppress the growth of viruses, bacteria, and harmful gas.
 Semi-conductor nano materials allow active functions to prevent weakening over time
 Invisible Nano Shield

The superior characteristics of anti-bacteria and virus will be extended to Shen Hung’s diverse products for extensive applications in medical, industrial, and daily materials to construct multiple lines of defense for both individuals and environments.

TTA can be integrated to all Sheng Hung products

Safety/Quality Approvals
The new nano-compound material has been certified by many parties through testing such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and harmful gases in laboratories of major countries.

Certified by laboratories in major countries